Sunday, February 17, 2008

Remember the fugly hat? Here's a picture.

And one of the back

Isn't it attractive?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I bought a digital camera. Then I went back to the store and bought rechargable batteries. Then I went back again and bought an SD card. And yet I still haven't managed to take pictures of my yarn masterpieces to post. Maybe later this week. All my FOs are piled on the dining room table, waiting. All my UFOs are on the couch in various states of completion. It's getting a little out of control around here.

I got my invite to Ravelry last week, and now I've got even more stuff going and planned. My current obsession is a market bag out of Peaches & Creme in peppercorn ombre. I'm sick of either stockpiling or throwing out grocery bags. I want to make a couple of my own in various colorways. This version is looking pretty good. I've managed to only screw up one row. I started one this weekned in Sugar 'n Cream Twist green, but I was paying too much attention to Flash Gordon and not enough to my YOs and K2togs, and ended up with a big ol' mess. It really wasn't that bad, I guess, but it wasn't right. And since that particular bag is destined for my cousin, I want it to be right. Ish. So he'll get version 2.o.

I'm also working on my first stuffed animal. He's a mini version of Troubbie the Wonder Cat for my mom. He's all knit up and about 3/4 sewn and stuffed. I got distracted and need to finish him tomorrow. The plan was to send him for a Valentine's present, but as usual he will be late. (I still haven't mailed the Christmas gifts that I knit for various Uncles, Aunts, and cousins. If I really get on the ball maybe they will get them for President's Day, although I make no promises.)

I found the coolest wrist warmers. I can't wait to make them. But I've put myself back on a yarn diet ('cause we all know how well that works with FOOD). I've got so many projects OTN right now that I just can't justify buying more yarn for more projects until I've finished up a few. I'm dying to make the coolest pirate socks, too, but the main color is on back order at the moment. I was planning to head to a different LYS this weekend to see if I could get something similar but then I was reality checked my the avalanche of yarn when I sat down on the couch at lunch. It will be hard, but I can wait until 4/25 when it's available again. After all, International Talk Like A Pirate Day isn't until Sept 19- that gives me plenty of time to prepare.

Oh, and you can all relax now. I found the Tivo remote.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Stop everything! I have an emergency! I can't find the Tivo remote. I had it this morning, but it's disappeared. Without that remote I can't watch anything stored on my Tivo or change the channel. I'm stuck on MTV! Help!