Thursday, September 27, 2007

I love my surgeon.

I went to the doctor today, and during the exam I told him that I'm seeing a new GI since my last visit. I told him the name, and he said "Oh, yeah, I know him. You told him I didn't do this to you, right?" Snort. Yes, Dr. M. Every new doctor I meet hears about the idiot who did this to me. They all know he's not you.

Tomorrow is Friday. A mixed blessing. On the one hand, woo hoo! It's Friday! Beginning of the weekend! I get off at 4:30! On the other hand, time to come down another 5mg on the Prednisone. More tired. Maybe a few more aches in my joints. Grumpy. I really wish I could have an extra day off. Or two. Maybe I could catch up on my sleep. And the dishes. The kitchen is looking (and smelling) a little gnarly.

I went to the UBS after work today and got lucky. They had a copy of Agnes and the Hitman. Love you Jenny Crusie! You too, Bob! I haven't read much yet, but there's been a frying pan. I've been a little cranky myself lately, so I'm feeling Agnes' pain.

Did anyone else catch Ugly Betty tonight? I just love Betty. There was some good stuff in the last 10 minutes. Can't wait to see how some of this stuff plays out this year. I'm almost finished with the first season of Heroes, too. One more episode to go, I think. I watched it religiously until the surgery, and then after that I just didn't have the attention span to follow along. Tivo is my bestest friend.

I'm supposed to be prepping the first 35 pages of my novel for a writing contest- deadline next Wednesday. Haven't looked at it in weeks. I just don't have the heart. Or the energy. Or something. Also, I've been completely obsessed with knitting. So far I've made a hat, which was supposed to fit me, but whoops! I'm about 3/4 of the way through a scarf, and I've got a second hat on the needles. This one is actually adult sized. Amazing what happens when you follow the instructions. But hey, it was my first time knitting in the round. And the needles were the wrong size. I'm allowed to make a few mistakes as I fumble my way through. It was just some cheap acrylic yarn anyway. Not the $8 a ball baby alpaca. That I will not be screwing up. Too expensive.

Anyway, the book. Not much happening there. And I really don't care. Except that I do want to enter that contest, so I guess I'll break out the laptop and work on it this weekend. Ugh.

Almost 10pm. Time for another round of meds.

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