Monday, August 17, 2009

Changes Again

I was burning up the phone lines this morning, calling my doctors and requesting copies of my medical records. It's finally time to do it- apply for Social Security Disability. I know I "only" made a few phone calls, but I'm wiped out. Tired and headachey. It takes a lot of mental energy, no longer my strong suit, to get organized and file for SSDI. I'm also starting to organize and prepare to move to Yankee Land to live with the 'rents. I'm going to have to start paying Cobra soon, and there's just not enough money in my disability check to pay that and rent and all the regular bills. So back to the parents' house I go. My one comfort, if you can call it that, is that with the economy right now there are lots of people moving in with family or consolidating households with friends. It would be more fun to do it like Jenny Cruise and Lani Diane Rich (Panda Gangbang!) (nevermind, if you haven't read Jenny's latest blog that won't make any sense to you, but it's not as dirty as it sounds), but we've got to work with what we've got. Jenny and Lani have each other, I have my mom and dad.

One of the scariest things about moving across the country- other than losing my independence and needing to find all new doctors again- is that I don't know anyone there but a few of my parents' friends. As we've seen with my water class, I don't mind hanging out with seniors. They can be funny as hell. But it would be nice to know some people closer to my own age and who share some of my interests. I have a friend on Rav who lives in the general area, which is fantastic. I'm hoping I can find a knitting group to hang out with occasionally. I'd really like to find a writing group, too, but so far my best source of writing friends has been NaNo, and it doesn't look like the area is a hot bed of NaNo activity. Maybe if I'm up there early enough I can get something organized. Sometimes, in my experience, it only takes someone to say "this is where I'm going to be, come join me!" to get something going. The closest RWA chapter meets about an hour away, but once a month that's doable. Maybe I'll meet someone who lives near my parents and we can carpool.

So, that's my life at the moment. Frustration and fear and hope in equal measures.

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