Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fun With Drugs

I just finished pricing my meds at all the local pharmacies.  Fun, fun, fun.  I have no health insurance at the moment, and the future does not look promising on that front, so I'm paying for all my meds out of pocket.  Let me tell you, this shit ain't cheap.  If you've got prescription drug coverage, raise a glass to your insurance provider.  You could be paying much, much more.

I was a little surprised at first how widely the prices varied at different pharmacies.  Then I thought I would end up with a different prescription at every pharmacy in town.  But it turns out that the best prices are evenly split between two places-- Sam's Club and Walgreen's, with the W card.  All but one of the worst prices are at CVS.  The cheapest refills will save me a little more than $150 over the most expensive ones.  That's a pretty big difference when you consider it's the exact same pills in either bottle.

On a brighter note, I remembered something about the trip from Massachusetts to Indiana that I forgot to tell you.  (I have Swiss cheese for brains, I swear.)  As we were driving through Pennsylvania we passed about a million deer crossing signs.  But someone in the Keystone State has a sense of humor, so they looked a little something like this (not my picture):

Happy Wednesday, y'all!


  1. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Poor dear one. We have this issue with mom - even with Medicare. I feel your pain. Between my brother and me, though, we manage her monthly meds.

  2. May I recommend freelancing for demand studios for med money? It's how I got to go to Disney and how I am financing xmas shopping and frivolous red shoes. BTW: frivolous shoes DO cost significantly less than $100 in my world, apologies to Carrie Bradshaw and Co.

  3. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Good job with your findings of better prices. I'm with Stormy on the "mom meds" front, so yeah, know of which you whine.
    Go with Lora's suggestion, anyone who can finance fun and shoes knows her stuff.
    Hang in there Darlin' -you can do this, and even if you can't always see the results, you are helping others with what you learn and share.


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