Monday, December 13, 2010

Sometimes I'm a Jerk, Too

This weekend I did a thoughtless thing, and now I feel like a shithead.

I went out to dinner with my brother and sister-in-law on Friday night.  We laughed and had a really good time.  My brother took my dad to a train show on Saturday (he used to collect N-gauge trains and put up an elaborate train platform every year at Christmas).  And then they sat with my parents at church on Sunday.  It doesn't totally make up for everything that's happened in the last six weeks or so, but it was a big step in the right direction.

So anyway, on Friday night, right in front of my SIL, I told my brother that Mom was making everyone's favorite Christmas cookie and asked him what kind he wanted.  But I didn't ask her what she wanted.  It was thoughtless and rude, and I can't believe I did it.

It seems like a little thing, but I still feel bad about it.


  1. Anonymous7:54 PM

    I hate how much tiny things like that can weigh on our conscience. Maybe you could call your brother and say that you just realised you forgot to ask what biscuit she wanted and would like to ask now? It can't undo it but it would probably make you feel a bit better.

  2. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Oh, do what Kris said. She is obviously a much nicer person than I am. I was all ready to say "hey, we are all jerks at times!" But her comment was way better than mine would have been.
    Also, Mercury is in retrograde right now, NONE of us is responsible for what comes out of our mouths. Communication is completely out of whack. Go easy on yourself. Forgive: apply liberally to you as well as others.


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