Saturday, April 02, 2011

March Review and April Goals

At the beginning of last month I set a few goals, so I thought I'd update you on how they went.

Goal #1: clean

Weeeeeeel, I made some progress here, but it was cancelled out by new mess.  There are still two baskets full of clean laundry in my room, but one of them is a new basket with new clean laundry, so that's progress.  I did some dusting, but I made all new dust.  (I feel this is completely unfair, by the way.)  I got rid of some of the junk mail and random paper that I collect like a magnet, but not much.

Bottom line on this goal: my bedroom is still a pit, but not as much of a pit as it would be if I hadn't worked on it a bit.

Goal #2: get my Goodreads Books to Read in 2011 list under 100 titles.

Hahahahahahahahahaha!  I did manage to read 12 books that had been sitting on my list for a while, some of them over a year.  But I added a bunch of titles, too, and the current total stands at 116.

Goal #3: blog more than once a week

Personal stuff derailed me on this one.  I'm getting a handle on it, but no guarantees that I'm going to be any more regular this month than I was last month.  But I'm going to try.

And I want to say thank you for all the kind comments on the last post.  I appreciate the support.

Goal #3: return movie to Netflix

I did it!  And I managed to watch and return a couple other movies, too.  Success!

So that's March.  Goals for April are:

to finish my taxes (I'm working on them, but slowly)
clear some more floor space in my room
dust and tidy my dresser, which is currently piled high with holiday cards and an inch of dust, in addition to all the usual stuff
blog more
continue to pick a lip balm flavor of the day, because it makes me happy
try to keep my 2011 reading list from growing past 116 this month-- read at least one book for every book that gets added to the list

Sounds good, I think.  Doable.

Lip Balm Flavor of the Day: Lavender Lemonade


  1. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Pat yourself on the back for the things you got done. :) Good luck in April. Where does one find Lavender Lemonade lip balm?

  2. Most of my lip balms come from I splurge every once in a while and order a bunch of new flavors. I have a few I haven't even tried yet from the last order, so I'll be checking them out soon.

  3. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Any thing that is not going backwards is success in my book!
    Looking forward to the lip balm flavours.

  4. I love the altar picture--I think Big Chorale Gramma is my favorite.

    I finally semi put away my clean laundry too! I say semi because I hung the hungables and folded the foldables. But I need to go through all the folded clothes at the top of my closet, so i didn't PUT the foldeds away. ...Every time I have to put away clean clothes now I think of you. It comforts me to know there's someone else in this world who dislikes this one particular chore, as I do. You've got me beat in the dusting department, though.

    Lavender lemonade sounds like a beaut.

  5. Becky, where are you, hon? I don't have your email, so I'm posting here. Are you all right? I'm getting worried about you, girlie.

  6. Hey Delia! I'm OK. Just hiding in fiction for a while. Also, I've promised myself I won't "waste" time blogging until my stupid taxes are done. Which means I'm spending all my time on Twitter instead! (The government is trying to kill me. Death by paperwork.)

    I'm fibrobabe over at Twitter, if you're a tweeter!

  7. Okay, Becky. Just checking. I get nervous when you go all silent. :)

    I'm AlphaDelia over on Twitter, by the way.


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