Thursday, September 02, 2010

Light Me Up!

It's getting down to the end, which is a good thing since I think I ran out of rope yesterday.  I need thoughts or prayers or vibes or whatever you happen to do.  This moving business isn't pretty.  I shipped a bunch of boxes this morning and then this afternoon I sold the car.  I was expecting to cry on the way back to the apartment, but nothing so far.  Then again, I got some excellent financial news earlier this week (not the Social Security yet-- looks like that's going to take some more fighting), and I think my response was, "OK."  I'm just so overwhelmed, so tired, in so much physical pain, that there's no room for anything else.

Also this morning, I drove a 12 ft moving truck for the first time.  Yay me!  I felt very grown up for getting it from the rental place to my apartment about 2 miles away without causing any property damage or killing anyone.  If I never have to do that ever again it will be perfectly all right with me.  But now that I've done it once, I know I can do it again if I have to.  Good knowledge to have.

Tomorrow morning first thing the movers come to put all the stuff in the truck.  Then I have a handful of minor errands to run, and then in the afternoon I can check in at the hotel.  Keep your fingers crossed that I make it that long.  I want to get to the hotel, take a shower (the shower thing is particularly important to me at this moment, because I'm sweaty and grubby and I know I will be again by then), and then I want to just chill out and maybe take a nap for a while.  Tomorrow evening I pick up my brother and his friend at the airport.  Get a good night's sleep (I hope).  And Saturday morning I get up, pick up the cat at the vet's, and head to the airport for my own flight.  I'm fantasizing about the moment when I get through security and I can buy myself a bottled water and take a pain pill.  That sounds bad.  But right now I hurt.  And I can't take a pain pill because they make me too fuzzy to drive safely.  So I just keep slogging and thinking about that pill.  I'm going to sit on that airplane-- first class, of course, because that's how I roll-- open my copy of Maybe This Time that I've been saving for the flight, and then probably fall fast asleep.

As long as I can make it that far.

Edit: Starting at midnight tonight I'll be going radio silent for about 48 hours or so.  It's the move-- no internet access.  But I'll be back in a few days to tell you how it all went and how many chapters of MTT I managed to read before the drooling and snoring started.  (That's not a slam on Jenny's books.  If they were dull I wouldn't read them.  It's just a measure of how completely exhausted I am.)  So anyway, back in a few, with less boring moving stories and maybe even a review or two!


  1. Enjoy MTT you have EARNED IT!

    FGBV's majorly.

  2. Um.....I wish I had found you earlier. You're moving FROM Houston? Email me, please....if you still need help

    I'm not an official Betty yet, but....

  3. Oh, wow Stormy, that's such a generous offer! There's some last minute stuff to fling in a box, and I already have help coming tomorrow for that, but if I didn't I'd so take you up on it! I wish I were going to be here a few more days, we could have at least had lunch together or something.

    And none of this "official Betty" stuff! You read the blog, you're a Betty!

  4. Ugh.. the last time I moved across country was...well, too long for me to want to think about. Moving sucks, even if it's just from one town to the next.
    Enjoy every moment of that flight/nap, and then have some fun in Beantown for me once you're settled and feel better. (I have been CRAVING pizzelles and cannolis from Mike's Pastry.)

  5. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Enjoy every second of MTT and in the meantime I will send massive pain and fatigue fighting FGBVs your way.

  6. Anonymous8:53 AM

    If you're getting into Boston by Saturday night, Earl will have already passed, and the heatwave will have broken... so at least there's that to look forward to!


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