Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Settling In

The move went well, and the cat and I are settling in.  After what feels like months and months of one disaster after another, things are finally peaceful.  Relatively speaking.  The cat is, surprisingly, really digging having three laps to sit on and three sets of hands to love on him and feed him.  (He's asleep at the end of the bed right now.  He's dreaming and his little toes are twitching.  It's nauseatingly adorable.)  We were all expecting him to hide for a while, but he's been running around like he owns the place from the minute we got here.

I'm... OK.  It's been years since I've lived with anyone else, and so far I'm coping.  Mom and Dad had doctor's appointments this morning, so I'm home alone.  I think I really needed this quiet time.  I'm just not used to having other people around 24/7.  Also, I think I'm going to have to start wearing ear plugs while watching TV with them, or I'm going to rupture an ear drum.

In the good news for them, bad news for me department, it looks like they've sold the house.  Later today or maybe tomorrow we'll probably start working on the packing.  (Oh, goody!  I haven't done that for ages.)  Next week they fly to Indianapolis to look for a house.  If all goes according to plan (does anything, ever?), we should be in a new house by Halloween.  Mom's already scheming to get my brother, his wife, and his in-laws to the new house for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It's driven her nuts that she hasn't had all of us together for holidays the last few years, and if she has to invite my SIL's entire family to do it, she will.  Not that she doesn't like the in-laws.  She does.  But having my brother and I both there is the most important part to her.

I just hope the new place has some space where I can have some semi-privacy, decent internet, and cable service with a DVR option.  I've only been here for four nights, and we've already watched the same episodes of As Time Goes By and Keeping Up Appearances twice.  Please, please let the cable be cheap enough to put a connection in my room, too!  Do I sound like a teenager yet?


  1. Ooh, good luck! I can't imagine trying to live with someone else besides my husband, LET ALONE my parents. Eek. But maybe wireless internet and Netflix Watch It Now will save you. :)

  2. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Good luck, baby. This too shall pass, and one day you will have your quiet private space back.


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