Thursday, June 09, 2011

Merry Christmas, Darling

I know I keep saying this, and then I never do anything.  But this time I really mean it.  (I think.)  I'm going to start writing again.

One of the m/m publishers that I've been reading a lot lately has a call out for holiday short stories and novellas.  5,000-18,000 words, due September 1st.  I can do that.  I just have to get into a Christmas frame of mind.  To achieve this I've been listening to Christmas music.  The fact that it's been in the middle 90s (a solid 15 degrees above normal for Indiana this time of year) isn't helping.  But I'm going to give it the old college try.

Tomorrow I'm going to start poking around the interwebs, looking for images to inspire me, both hunky and Christmassy.  If you have any favorites, please be sure to link them in the comments.  I could use all the support and inspiration I can get!  If I can figure out how I did the last computer collage, I'll make one and post it when it's ready.  If not, I might have to resort to paper and glue stick, and then God help you if you want to see it, because I haven't the foggiest where my digital camera is.  So, keep your fingers crossed that I find the collage website.

While you're crossing fingers, keep 'em crossed that I manage to get beyond the soundtrack and collage phase.  'Cause I'd really like to write this Christmas story and get it submitted!  (Once I get it written and into the hands of an editor I'll start worrying about whether or not anyone actually wants to publish it.)

Oh, and since I haven't done this for a while, my lip balm of the day is the thoroughly un-Christmassy lavender lemonade.


  1. i recommend Last Christmas by Wham. I lvoe that song. also eat a peppermint candy cane.

  2. I have the Glee version of Last Christmas on the playlist already. I considered getting the Wham! version, too, but haven't done it yet.

    The candy cane idea is a good one. I'll have to put peppermint candy on the grocery list. I bought some of those chewy peppermints at Christmas last year (you know, the ones that have the Christmas tree shape in the center), and they went like gangbusters. I wonder if they sell those, sans Christmas trees, year round?

  3. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Oooh fun! I'm sending you a Winter Holiday Sprite and some Jingle Bell Rock for inspiration (I was gonna say "fairy" lol)! Also, maybe get some ginerbread cookies and have them with chocolate milk (if those are things you can eat). An evergreen scented candle perhaps, for mood?


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