Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today was a very busy day.  After over a week of rain outs and rescheduling, the work crew came today and replaced every window in the house.  It was noisy and weird, having a half dozen strangers traipsing in and out of the house all day.  But it was supposed to take two days, and they finished in one.  This was an inexpressible relief to me.  Also, we never got out of the 70s today, so the house stayed nice and cool while big holes were opened up all over the place.  We took Trouble to "summer camp" to keep him out from under foot, and he's still there until tomorrow.  Which means I get to sleep in the middle of the bed tonight!  Yay me!  (Trouble is a total bed hog.)

While the crew was here banging around, Mom and I went out to run errands.  Mostly I sat in the car and read while she did stuff, but still.  At least I left the house for a little while.  The one place I did go in was Target.  I needed Midol (sexy!), plus I wanted to get a sleep mask.  And I discovered that Dr. Bronner's was on sale, so I bought a bucket full of soap.  Dr. Bronner might have been... interesting, but his soap is good stuff.  I'm less rashy now that I'm using it, and less smelly.  Well, less smelly in a bad way.  I get the lavender scented kind, and while it's not heavy, the scent lingers nicely.

I'm going to have to call Amazon again tomorrow about my Kindle.  It's not doing anything horrendous, but it's not acting quite right, either.  Last night all my content disappeared for a little while, and then it didn't want to turn off or reset.  I finally got it going again, but now it's not bringing the most recently opened books to the front of the file.  Which doesn't sound like a big deal, but is annoying when you've got forty books in a file and you have to page through the whole file to find the one you're looking for every time you want to read again.  It's still not time to replace it, but every time it does something screwy like this, that time gets a little bit closer.

So, that's what's going on for me right now.  Nothing thrilling, just the every day blah, blah, blah of life.


  1. Ugh so glad the work crew vacated early I canNOT stand having home invaded by strangers. Seriously, they make me nervous.

    Yay for target, though!

  2. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Oooh I love having workers over, it always means new clean shit around, ya know, instead of the same old non-working bad shit. Fast of this crew, how efficient!
    (we live for these blah blah blah updates)

  3. Julie, working shit is a nice benefit. And I'm very glad you like the blah, blah, blah updates, because I think that's about all you're gonna get for a while!

    Lora, thanks for mentioning Target! If not for that I would have forgotten to actually WEAR my sleep mask again, and I'd be waking up tomorrow morning with sunshine like a laser beam through my eyes and into my brain. Not a pleasant way to wake up.


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