Friday, September 02, 2011

Check Out My Giant Balls!

Ha, ha!  Made you look!

I've been making pretty good progress on my shawl, and I got my dad to take a picture of it this evening.  (Still haven't found my camera.)

It starts really small in the middle (in the pink section) and grows by a couple of stitches every other row.  At this point there are too many stitches to stretch it out on the cord and let you get a good look.  But the pattern makes it wavy-- it's called feather & fan-- it's not because it's all crunched up

This is the result of my first, slightly larger than fist-sized, ball of yarn.  I spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon and evening winding two more, and here's the result:

My giant balls!

It's hard to tell, because there's nothing to give you a sense of scale.  But these are approximately the size of large grapefruit.  And the yarn is sock yarn, also known as fingering weight.  That's much thicker than thread, but on the finer end for yarn.  Which means that there's a hell of a lot of yardage in each ball.  I don't think that  there's enough here to finish my shawl (I want the long edge, the wing span if you will, to be 5'7), but it should probably keep me knitting for a week and a half to two weeks.  And then it will be time to wind more balls.


Oh, and the lip balm of the day is Peacock Puffs.  That translates to lime, blueberry, and cake flavor.  (I always have to look that one up.)


  1. Anonymous2:56 AM

    Lol, balls!

    This is turning out so gorgeous.

  2. Thanks, Julie! I'm happy with it. It's just nice to feel the desire to be creative again. And the bright colors help!

  3. Those are indeed mighty balls :0)

  4. hehehee balls. gets me every time.

    it ate my comment before. your afghan is very pretty and cheerful. I feel something like a talentless hack in the presence of such skill, i must say.

  5. The great thing about projects like this one is that the yarn does a lot of the work. Feather and Fan is a pretty, simple lace pattern, and it looks good in solid colors, too. But all the wild colors really make it pop. I'm already mentally planning my next scrap project!

  6. Hard at work on your Making Magic I see! Unfortunately I don't have any hobbies that can be done automatically while the brain thinks about one's book. :-( :-) Oh well, there's always HOUSECLEANING. lol


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