Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekend Goals

I got on the scale this morning: 277 lbs. That's 45 lbs up from my lowest weight out of the hospital last summer. I'm still on steroids, so losing weight won't be easy, but I have to do something. My first step is to clean the apartment.

Seriously, that's where I need to start. Losing weight means working out and eating right. I can't work out at home if there's no room to put down the deck on the treadmill or follow along with an exercise video. I can't eat right if I don't have clean dishes or clear kitchen counters. So, step one- cleaning. I also want to make it to my reformer class on Saturday morning. Please, guts, let me go.

My other goal is to get all the finishing done on the baby gifts for my cousin. I need to weave in ends on three sets of bibs and burp cloths and two hats. I also need to make icord to make ties for one of the hats. I'll take pictures before wrapping them up and shipping them off.

I started on a yellow and orange ballband dishcloth- one of my 19 projects from last weekend- and I'd like to finish it this weekend, as well as another patterned dishcloth that I started. If I'm really lucky I'll make some progress on the Mason Dixon washcloth I started last weekend, too.

I think that's enough for one weekend. I'll check in on Sunday to let you know how I did.

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