Sunday, April 06, 2008

Projects & Pictures

I spent a lot of Friday and Saturday trying to convince myself that I don't need any more yarn. After making a couple of lists and taking pictures of just the stash I have plans for, I think I've succeeded. Here's what I have at the moment:

This is part of my Peaches & Creme collection. The yellow and orange balls will be 2 ballband dishcloths- one yellow with an orange background and one orange with a yellow background. The blue and Winterberry will be a ballband or maybe a ballband variation (it forms diamond shapes instead of evenly stacked brinks) and I also want to do a blue ballband with a white background. The Fiesta and Pink Lemonade colors may be Granny's Favorites. I've got 2 more balls of each, which may become Baby Genius burp cloths, which I'll use as kitchen towels since I don't have any kids to burp. Either the yellow and white, Peppercorn, or Spring Meadows in the back will be made into a Mason Dixon dishcloth- I've been wanting to try that pattern for a while- and possible more BG kitchen towels. And of course there are the monthly dishcloths and other patterns that I've picked up from the internet that I want to try. So that's at least seven dishcloths. (And let me remind you, this is just part of my cotton stash. There's a lot more.)

Here is the yarn that I bought to make a Jayne Cobb for a friend. She's the one who turned me on to Firefly, and one of the first things she said to me when she learned that I was knitting again was, "Hey, you could make a Jayne Hat!" So I'm making one for her. And probably one for me- there should be enough yarn, I think.

Here's my faux-Noro scarf, and a sampling of the yarn I bought to make it. This will be one seriously long scarf. Aren't the color combos cool? I thought I would hate the 1x1 ribbing, but watching the colors change is so fun that the constant switching doesn't bother me. I'm working on plastic needles right now, but I may switch to bamboo. This yarn is slippery, and combined with the plastic needles it's kind of a pain. Bamboo is much "stickier", so it should make the yarn much more manageable.

Socks! I have yarn to make myself seven pairs of socks. I have one sock knit from the pink/yellow/orange combo in the middle, I just need to do the second one. I didn't really care for the first sock- it seemed to bag a lot at the ankle- so I've been playing around, trying to pick a different pattern to finish the pair. Who said socks have to match? My sister-in-law, who works at a Hallmark in Indiana, said that mis-matched socks are one of their biggest sellers. It's very fashionable right now. Of course, that's Indiana. And who cares about fashion anyway? But it's a good excuse, right?

It's a little hard to see, but the purple Jelly Beans on the far right will be a pair of slipper socks. My first pair of socks were slipper socks out of Jelly Beans in blue, so I decided to go for another pair. They're really cozy, and my favorite foot warmers when it's cold. It's rarely cold in Texas, but they're still fun to knit.

I bought this to make a Rasta Hat for my best friend, but after the disaster of my Fugly Hat I decided to do something else with it. I finally settled on the Rosie the Riveter pattern, since she loves to wear head scarves. She's one of those strange people who loves to clean, and she always wears a scarf to get in the mood. She also wears them when she runs, and since she's a marathoner she should get a lot of use out of it. I'm still planning to make one for myself out of the Red Heart camo that I bought a month or two ago. (Yes, the cursed yarn.) I just didn't take a picture of it. So that's two more projects.

And here is a sample of the yarn I bought to make my log cabin blanket. I'm still thinking about doing it in a spiral pattern, but that may change as I work. We'll see.

If I counted correctly, that's 19 projects that I have patterns and yarn for. Really, that's enough for anyone, don't you think?


  1. OOh Ooh! It looks a lot like my stash. Seriously I have a skein or two of most of the stuff you posted. Good luck getting all of that done.

  2. Wow, loads of (planned) projects to keep you occupied for a while :) I've only been knitting for a few months, and haven't had time to build up a big stash yet, but I'm sure I won't be able to resist buying beautiful yarn even if I don't quite know what to do with it...

  3. Love the faux noro scarf, can't wait to see it all finished. Keep us updated please. =)


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