Sunday, April 13, 2008


Well, I made a little bit of progress this weekend. I made it to my reformer class, and now I hurt everywhere. The apartment is still a mess, but it's not quite as much of a mess as it was on Friday. I'll just keep plugging away there.

I finished the MD washcloth. I made it through a few rows on the yellow and orange ballband dishcloth. I finished a red, white, and blue Granny's favorite and started on another with a scrap of Spring Meadows. I lost a stitch somewhere on the patterned dishcloth and ended up frogging. Started on the Jayne Cobb, decided it was a little too small, and frogged that, too. I got all the ends woven in on the baby gifts. I still need to finish the icord ties and sew on the velcro.

I'm so tired. I don't even want to think about going back to work tomorrow. If it weren't for the fact that property taxes and the March closing are both due on Tuesday, I'd consider calling in sick. But they have to be done, so I'll have to struggle through. Maybe if I get to bed really early tonight I'll feel better tomorrow.

Finally watched the DVDs I got from Netflix two weeks ago. Disc one, season one of Dexter and Atonement. There was only one episode of Dexter that I hadn't seen, and I got bored with Atonement and gave up about half way through. It was probably my attitude more than the movie, but I just couldn't take it. I ended up watching an episode of Firefly and Phantom Menace instead. PM was pretty much as bad as I remembered it being, but at least it wasn't depressing. Overall, this round of Netflix movies was a waste of time.

It's only 5:30pm and I'm already ready for bed. I don't have high hopes for this week. Must keep after the boss for a vacation day in the next couple of weeks.

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  1. You really sound as if you need a day off :-) Hope you get one soon! Can't wait to see your version of the Jayne Hat when you get it done!


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