Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good Things

I decided it's time for another Good Things post.  I had a different, miserable post all ready to go, but I just couldn't put all that "I'm so tired, I'm so sore, I have so much to do" out into the universe one more time.  I know the tag line for this blog ends with "and whining", but I feel like I've been taking that a little too seriously lately.  In fact, I'm thinking that I want to change the name and the tag line of this blog.  After the move.  I can't take on one more thing, no matter how trivial right now.  But if you think of something good, let me know!  Sometime after Labor Day I should have time to think about it again.

Anyway, I was going to come up with a list of good things.  I didn't promise ten this time because I don't want to strain my brain.  So here, in no particular order, are all the good things I can think of.

I get to meet my best friend for lunch tomorrow and see the baby for one last time before I leave.

Another friend is coming on Thursday to help set up for my moving sale, where I will hopefully make scads of money.

My brother and his friend are flying down Friday a week to drive a truck load of my stuff up to Indiana to be stored until Mom and Dad sell the house and we all move west.

My brother's friend's birthday is that Friday, so there will be birthday cake!

In 11 days this whole fiasco will be over, and I'll be settling in for my first night in Massachusetts.  Where my mommy will cook all my meals for me, and spoil my cat rotten, and I fully intend to sleep for a week straight.

When I finally wake up from my long summer's nap, it will be time for Lani/Lucy's Discovery class!  Yay!

Next week Jennifer Crusie's new book, Maybe This Time, launches!  Double yay!  I already have it on pre-order for my Kindle, and my big plan is to start reading it on the plane.

Every time the title of Crusie's new book comes up, I think of the movie Connie and Carla, which is definitely a good thing!

So, it looks like I was able to come up with 8 good things without even trying.  And I feel much better now that I did after writing that other post.  When I start getting cranky again (and I guarantee I will), someone give me a sharp poke and remind me to do a good things list.  Hopefully we'll all be happier for it.

Edit: And now one more good thing to add to the list.  I just got an email from someone asking for more information about some of the items I listed for my moving sale!  Cross your fingers that she wants them, folks!


  1. Good for you lookin on the bright side. I don't know about a new line for the blog except this: babe, you don't whine.

    You may, like all of us, offer up the occasional lament but it is with good humor and rational perspective. I know from whining. I teach seven year olds. Trust me.

  2. PS I love me some Nia Vardalos. Have you seen I H8 Valentine's Day?

  3. Lora, you crack me up. Yeah, I guess if anyone is going to know whining, it's a what? 2nd grade? teacher.

    I love Nia, too. I saw I Hate Valentine's day a couple months ago. It had some moments, but I thought the interplay between her and John Corbett was better in MBFGW. I loved Connie and Carla for it's wackiness and all the musical numbers. The one place it fell down for me was the romance with David Duchovny. They had chemistry, but they weren't together enough on the screen to make the "tada! now they're a couple!" on stage announcement believable in the last scene. Now if she fell in love with one of the Queens, and she's outed as a woman and he's outed as straight at the end, that would have let them spend more screen time together, and would have fit with the screwball tone of the rest of the story. But I still love it, even if it's flawed.


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