Friday, August 27, 2010


It's garage sale day!  Kill me now.  My apartment is piled high with attractively displayed stuff.  Or unattractively piled crap.  (That's the kitchen, which I did.  My friend Vicki did the living room, and it looks really good.)  I feel like I'm writing this from a thrift store.

If you've got any spare vibes, please send them out for lots of shoppers and lots of sales for the next two days.  I need all the help I can get!  I have a lot of crap to sell.

Edit: Day one of the Great Garage Sale was a bust.  I had one person show up early to take a look at the car, and that was it.  Nothing for the whole rest of the day.  Think more good thoughts for tomorrow, or SELL ALL THE THINGS! is going to turn into DONATE ALL THE THINGS AND TAKE THE TAX WRITE OFF!  Not quite as catchy, is it?

Edit #2: Day two was a lot better.  Or actually, I guess I should should say the after sale was a lot better.  I only had one customer during the posted hours yesterday.  But a neighbor showed up at 5:20 about bought a boat load of stuff.  And they may be coming back today for more.  And bringing friends!  And someone answered the desperate craigslist ad I placed last night and bought my washer and dryer.  There's still plenty of stuff for the donation truck on Tuesday, but there's a nice bit of money in my pocket, too.  Yay!


  1. Bitchin' Betty9:39 PM

    FGBVs Becky. Saturdays are usually better. I read about a woman who decided to get rid of everything she owned except 100 items. She must be joking-I have more than 100 books alone. But I am going to attempt getting rid of a lot of my crap. Crap piled up gets on my nerves. I know that you are doing this out of necessity but try to look at it as a chance for a more peaceful existence without stuff weighing you down. I will send radioactive vibes to you tomorrow!

  2. Light me up!

    It's been a lot of work to sort through everything, but mostly I'm looking forward to starting over with a clean slate and less stuff. I'll still have more than 100 items, though!

    The two things I was most upset about losing- my new couch and my bed- I get to keep. Yay! But the one thing I never even considered letting go of- my car- is now on the chopping block. The catalytic converter is on the way out, and I can't afford to replace it. I've been a bit teary about that one. It's the first car I bought for myself, and I was in no way prepared to let it go. I expect there will be more boo hooing when I sell it tomorrow (hopefully) or when I sell it next week to CarMax if I can't find a private buyer. But that money in my pocket will help pay for insurance and meds, so it's probably for the best.

  3. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Lots of positive vibes coming your way! Hope Day 2 is better.

  4. FGBV's! Let the bargain hunters come! I hope you have great luck with the sale and, after my last one, I boxed up the rest and donated it to a women's shelter rather than find a place to shove it in the new home. Trust me, don't take it with you once you've decided to let it go. Let us know how it goes!!!

  5. Thank you for all the vibes, ladies! A friend and her daughter came by to keep me company for a while this afternoon, and the daughter decided to make some signs. (She likes to draw.) She put them up all over the complex, one of my neighbors saw one, and so far she's bought $170 worth of stuff! And she plans to come back tomorrow for more. Yay!

    My mother kept telling me to make more signs, and I kept putting her off. I'm never going to hear the end of this....


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