Monday, January 10, 2011

Off My Game

I'm feeling weepy and out of whack today.  Too much news, too much misery, not enough sleep.  Troubbie the Wonder Cat woke me up at quarter to six this morning wanting to be fed.  (Yes, he's still alive.)  I have a doctor's appointment this morning, and I have something I'm scared to show her.  Think it's an abscess that will need to be lanced, possibly requiring minor surgery and costing a million dollars.  The book I've been reading, The Awakening by L.J. Smith, is angsty and depressing.  Only 50 pages or so to left, and I don't want to go there today.

So what should I read?  I'm seriously considering breaking my self-imposed book buying moratorium and downloading a book for the Kindle.  What do you suggest?  Something happy happy, please.


  1. Victoria and the Rogue by Meg Cabot or something by Sophie Kinsella (except Twenties Girl which made me cryyy). HUGS and good luck at the dr. hope you get the help u need!

  2. Anonymous12:43 AM

    I was going to sugggest The Rock Orchard, but then I remembered that it has some death at the end, so maybe not. Also, I was too lazy to go back and check to see if you had read it (I'm tired right now). So I'll just say go with Lora's suggestions. I love Sophie Kinsella, and her other books written under the Madeleine (Madeliene?) name.


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