Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Hello!  I'm not dead!  I'm just up to my eyeballs right now.  (How anyone who doesn't work or take care of a family or do anything really can be up to her eyeballs I don't know.  But whatever.)

Anyway, I'm here to set a few goals for myself.  First (and I can't believe I'm making this my first goal, but that should tell you just how much it's annoying me), I need to clean.  I have not one, but two laundry baskets full of clean clothes that need to be folded and put away.  There's precious little floor space in this room.  I don't need to take it up with laundry.  There's about an inch of dust covering everything in the room, and what's not covered in dust is covered in cat hair.  Or my hair, because I'm shedding like mad again.  At this rate I should be completely bald by next Tuesday.  And there are piles of junk mail and general crap everywhere.  I can't take it any more.  The room must be cleaned.

My second goal for the month is to get my Goodreads "books to read in 2011" list under 100.  That's really not all the books I intend or expect to read this year.  It grows constantly.  But most of the books on that list are things that I've already bought and are languishing in the TBR of Doom.  (Sorry, I just read Shannon Stacey's Undeniably Yours, and now everything gets an "of Doom" tacked onto the end.  Plus, it really is the TBR of Doom.  It's where books I want to read go to be smothered to death under the stack of all the other books I want to read.  Scary, scary place, my TBR file.)  There are 107 books on the list right now, so if I can read 8 of them, without adding any others (Ha!), I'll meet that goal.

My third goal is to blog more than once a week.  That's really kind of pathetic.  Even I, who go nowhere and have no life, can usually come up with something to say more often than that.

My fourth goal is to remember to return Scott Pilgrim vs. The World to Netflix.  I've only had it for a month now.  I've watched some of it, and it's only meh, plus it keeps acting weird and skipping.

So, those are my goals for the month.  I think I'll start out strong by sticking the Scott Pilgrim disc back in its envelope (if I can find it) and putting it on the table with the rest of the outgoing mail.

Lip Balm Flavor of the Day: Gummy Bear


  1. You can do it! Which sounds patronizing -- you're a grown, capable woman, of course you can. But sometimes it's good to be reminded.

    Also, when my son (now 11) was seven, he wrote a story for me called "The Kit-Kat of Doom." For real. It was hilarious.

  2. Anonymous12:02 AM

    LOL!!! "The Kit-Kat of Doom" is now my favorite new title! I so need to incorporate that phrase into my life more.

    Yes, you CAN do it. But start small. Otherwise (because I know we are alike in this way) you might get overwhelmed. Also, I'm the anti-clean fairie, so I'd never encourage you to clean too much.
    My lipbalm flavor today was caffeinated vanilla, found it in a coat pocket. Lovely surprise.

  3. I just noticed the lip-balms of the day. If you only blog one thing... it should be lip balms flavors. I lurv it. "Dear friends, today I wore cherry lip balm. It was a tad too chemical. Becky of Doom."

    If it makes you feel any better, fling the Scott Pilgrim from thee. I really enjoyed the comic books, but the movie was a tad disappointing. Six books packed into 0 minutes doesn't work.

    If it makes you feel even better, I have over 600 TBR, and that's just the non-fiction.


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