Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fully Favorable

I got a letter in the mail today from Social Security, y'all.  Fully Favorable.  That's government-speak for "approved".  I got my Social Security.

I called the lawyer right away to let them know, and the woman I talked to said that was the fastest turn around she'd ever seen.  The hearing was August 16th, and the letter was dated August 18th.  I don't know what my monthly benefit will be yet (although I have a ballpark idea of what it might be based on the letter that Social Security sends out every year) or when exactly I'll get that first check.  Sometime within the next 90 days hopefully.  But it's just a relief to know that I'm approved and that there will be money coming eventually.

I'm... actually not feeling a whole lot right now.  I was pretty certain coming out of the hearing that I would be approved, and this is just confirmation.  No doubt the freak out is coming.  If the government agrees that I'm disabled, I must actually be this fucking sick.  (Knowing how I feel day-to-day and having the government acknowledge and accept it are two different things.  Also, who said anyone's internal logic was ever consistent?)  But for now, I'm good.


  1. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Becky - I'm so glad. Well, about the social security part. I don't think you're re-defining how sick you are, I think it's just a natural reaction to good news. I had something happen once that I'd hoped for so much and when it did come, I felt the same way you do. The euphoria just wasn't there. No cartwheels (not that I could do that, anyway). But I still feel grateful everyday. Maybe long term gratitude is better. It would be hard to keep up with jubilation everyday.

  2. Anonymous11:01 PM

    First of all YAY! And second, nope. Think about this:
    how often is government ANYTHING correct?! So, no you don't have to accept that you are THAT sick, just appreciate the fact that you are getting assistance. Help that you totally deserve.

  3. The FGBVs were with you! I am glad you are getting both 1) a little money to live on and 2) validation that your illness is "real".

  4. Ahhh relief. What Fokker said.

  5. and what Julie said, too. I'm so glad you'll be getting some income!


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