Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Lupus Foundation of America- Swagbucks' Charity of the Month

Over at Swagbucks (which I've pimped a few times, and yes I'm still racking up the $5 Amazon gift certificates) they've started doing a charity of the month.  People can donate swagbucks (points) that they've earned through different activities on the site.  Based on the number of swagbucks donated, Swagbucks will make a cash donation to the charity.  This month it's the Lupus Foundation of America.

Now, I don't have Lupus (knock on wood), but I know people who do.  It's an autoimmune disease, and in a way all AI's are related.  An advance for one usually means an advance for all of us down the line.  So in that sense this is personal for me.  I'd like to see the Lupus Foundation get the biggest donation possible.  Plus, the exposure is really great.  Everybody knows somebody with an autoimmune disease, but not very many people understand what they are or what we go through in trying to manage our diseases.  (I can't really blame the general public for being ignorant in this.  Far too many doctors are completely clueless about autoimmune disease.)

If you'd like to help with this donation drive, you can sign up for Swagbucks here:  http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/fibrobabe.  That's my referral link.  An easy way to earn swagbucks is to use their search engine when you want to do an internet search.  You won't win points every time, but when you do I'll get a few kickback points.  I pledge to donate any of those points to the Lupus Foundation, in addition to my regular donation.  There are lots of other fast, simple, free ways to earn swagbucks.  If anyone decides to sign up and wants to hear about them, I'll blog about that next.

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  1. Becky, I've been meaning to ask you ... have you looked into Hookworms yet? They have had a big effect for a lot of people. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helminthic_therapy


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