Sunday, January 29, 2012

Frog in a Party Hat

I finished a new knitting project tonight.  Don't adjust your screens, it really is this bright.

OK, maybe the color doesn't come through really well in this picture, but trust me, it's BRIGHT.

The pattern is Sockhead, and the name of the colorway is Frog in a Party Dress, so I've named this Frog in a Party Hat.  It's nice and cozy, but not so heavy that I couldn't wear it in spring or fall as a fashion statement.  (You know me, I'm all about the fashion statement.)  I'm quite satisfied with this hat, and I expect that there will be more Sockheads to come.  And I already have plans for the leftover yarn, of which there is a fair bit.  A book of sock patterns came in the mail today, and there's a really cute one that calls for just a little bit of a contrasting color.  This pink and green yarn should be almost a shock of color against a black yarn.  Or maybe  it will work against some deep purple I have in my stash.  We'll see.

My brother and sister-in-law came for dinner tonight.  Jer's birthday is in mid-February, and he very humbly requested another pair of heavy house socks.  He asked for a pair for Christmas, and he loves them so much that he hasn't been willing to skip wearing them around the house long enough to get them washed!  Clearly, this is a guy who needs at least one more warm pair of handknit socks.

Lip Balm of the Day: Pink Cake


  1. Anonymous12:43 PM

    It looks kind of Christmassy colors, yes? Or is that just the picture? And what did you decide to do with your hair? It looks like a really comfy hat unlike the kind which you snatch off your head going ewww! ewww! get it off me!!

    Boy child knit me a hat in second grade on one of those loom thingies which I wear to the bus stop. High fashion it isn't, but it does keep my ears warm.

  2. It looks great. Sad to say I haven't worn a hat in years, apart for an ocassional baseball cap, or sun visor. I can't believe it's 80 degrees here January. We've had no winter, and it feels weird. I'd love to wear a hat!

    1. We've been chilly in Indiana, but we're supposed to be up in the upper 50s later this week. And then snow again next weekend for the Superbowl. The weather just can't make up its mind. No wonder everyone has the sniffles!

  3. It's actually a super bright pink and green. The picture really doesn't do it justice. The wide ribbing gives it enough cling that it's not just going to fall off my head, but it's also loose and springy enough that it's not going to crush my hair.

    It was fun to knit, too. Not particularly challenging, a little bit of lace on the slouchy part would be nice. But the basic round-and-round knitting is good for keeping my hands busy while I'm thinking or watching TV. Sometimes even while reading, if I can find a good angle to prop up the Kindle!

  4. Anonymous2:44 AM

    You and Dan are all about hats right now! We found some of my fave cotton yarn on sale and bought up enough to get me one more to plop on my head. It's too warm right now, but I KNOW it's gonna freeze at least two more times.

    Oh, and he lost his nippie ends, those rubber/plastic thingies that go on the not-using-right-now points of double-pointed needles... oh wow was he ever mad. And cheap too, wouldn't let me buy him more (they were kinda over-priced).

    1. Do you have any sculpy or anything like that around the house? You take a piece of it, roll it into a ball, and then push the tip of the needle into it. Pull the needle out and bake it or let it dry or however you normally harden it. When it's hardened, put it back on the end of the needle, and it should stay on and keep the knitting from falling off.

      Or, do you remember those extra rubber erasers that we'd put on the ends of our pencils when we were kids? Depending on the size of the needle, that might work in a pinch. Spare pen caps, too, depending on their shape and again the size of the needle.

      I'm all about MacGyvering it when it comes to knitting.

    2. Anonymous12:34 AM

      I suggested rubber bands, but I'm not sure if he thought that was a good idea or not. Ya know, we totally COULD have some old craft clay around here, and I KNOW we have pencil topper erasers in a desk drawer. Thanks!

  5. heehee I know you lived in this neck of the woods for a while, but I don't know if you knew that the common epithet for a French Canadian immigrant here (like, oh say, my mom) is Frog. So when you say Frog in a Party Hat...well, my mind goes elsewhere. J'adore ton chapeau, d'une grenouille à l'autre. :)


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