Friday, January 13, 2012

Pick a Color, Any Color

I've bleached a stripe in my hair for maximum color impact.  Now I just need to settle on which color I want to use!  (Bear in mind that the rest of my hair is now a deep auburn.  She went more chocolate brown and less red this time.  Next time I think I'll have her scale back on the brown and add a bit more red.)

So, here are the choices I'm looking at.

After Midnight Blue

Purple Haze

Ultra Violet

Electric Lizard

Shocking Blue

New Rose

Pretty Flamingo

I know I want the green, but I'm torn on the others.  I like them ALL, but several of them are pretty close, and it wouldn't necessarily make sense to buy them all at once.  What do you think?  Which ones should I go for?

Update: Just for Julie (and her sister), I've edited so that we're talking about hair color, not dye.  The weather has been yuck, so I haven't had a chance to go out and get anything yet.  I know I definitely want Electric Lizard and Shocking Blue, but I'm thinking I might go for some Purple Haze or Pretty Flamingo, too.  Kind of depends on what I can find and how expensive it all is.


  1. Anonymous3:00 AM

    First of all, this is a test. Blogger Brand blogs has been misbehaving towards my WordPress self elf. Last night it was Mabel's place and today it's Barb's. I am unhappy.

    Second, I can't decide. But I like the blues more than any other.
    Also, may I ask you a really odd and persnickity favor? It's never called "dye" because you cannot DYE hair, you can only bleach or color it. You can dye fabric or fibres, but not hair. Thank you, and my dead sister the stylist thanks you from the Other Side.

  2. Anonymous7:02 PM

    My choices in order are: 1. green, 2. shocking blue, 3. ultra violet. I wouldn't go with any of the pinky/ reddish ones since there wouldn't be enough contrast with your own hair color. I'm going to get vicarious enjoyment from this since I'm not brave enough to do it myself.

  3. Argh! I'm late to the party. I know you already chose and everything, but I'd go blue or green depending on how red your hair is. Blue and orange are complimentary, ditto for red and green. So if your hair is more red, I'd go green. If it's more orangey, I'd go blue. I'm partial to the blue, though. Mostly because it avoids the whole Christmas look. Either way, this stuff washes out in a couple of weeks, so you can get more than one and try them all! :)


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