Monday, January 02, 2012

What I Want

I think this picture expresses pretty perfectly what I want for myself in 2012.

I used to dream.  I dreamed that I'd at least walk, if not run, the Disney marathon.  I dreamed of settling down and raising a family.  I dreamed of being a published author someday.  And I worked toward those dreams.  I trained for that marathon, and I did a lot of 5k's and even one 10k, although the marathon never happened for me.  I kept my eyes open for the right guy, the one I'd want to raise a family with, and I never found him.  Or, I should say. I haven't found him yet, although the hard realities of my life make never having had those kids more of a blessing than a regret.  And until I got sick and discouraged and, let's face it, depressed, I worked on my writing, too.

It's time for me to discover what my dreams are again, to believe in them, and to start working toward making them a reality.  I know I still want to be a published author, maybe more now than before, with some of those other dreams gone.  So that's the one I'm going to work on right now.  I'm not entirely sure *how* I'm going to work on it.  I feel like I've got a whole set of muscles that have forgotten how to move.  Is there such a thing as author's therapy?  Writer's rehab?  If so, I need to check myself in for an inpatient program!  Short of that, I need to start flexing those creative muscles again, playing with ideas and possibilities, laying the groundwork in my head for putting words on paper.

I'm going to wear those pendants as much as possible this year, to remind myself to Dream and Believe.  Dream and Believe and then Act.  It doesn't get you where you want to be if you don't have all three.


  1. Odd. I have both those words in my office. And one other: Work. They are a powerful triad. LOL Good luck with your writing--and Happy New Year.

  2. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Dream your dream. Believe it can happen. Take the actions you need to make it happen. Listen to your friends cheering you on.

    Happy new year!

  3. Anonymous7:39 PM

    My mother and I have a running joke, "not in our wildest dreams? Well,
    we obviously don't dream wildly enough."

    You should chat with Bona Fide Betty about this Getting Back To Writing idea, she's re-starting in the new year as well.

    We'll be here, cheering you on!

  4. Amen, sister. And, what Julie said. We'll be here cheering you on. :)


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