Sunday, October 21, 2007

I finished my first sock! It looks pretty darn good, if I must say so myself. I put it on, and it's a little long. I started the mate today, and I'm going to make that one a little shorter. It's not unwearably long, there's just a little bit more room in the toe than necessary.

I went to a sock making class yesterday, and had a good time. I was the only one in the class, which was a little weird, but good. I've never had a chance to knit with anyone but my mom, and that was right after coming out of the hospital. It was fun to just knit and chat, although there were times when I was also trying to count, so I wasn't holding up my end of the conversation too well. The instructor is also plugged in to the writing community, so that was nice. I know lots of writing folks, but that's because I seek them out. I make friends in writing organizations. I don't stumble across writers too often in my every day life.

I gave my friend the Halloweenie Beanie, and she really liked it. Apparently, she put it on and then wore it around for a while, including while taking out the trash. She passed someone on the way to the dumpster, and I guess they looked at her funny. She was like, "What? Haven't you ever seen a Halloweenie Beanie?" Not too many people wear hand knits in Houston in October. It's still in the 80s for the most part.

I think I'm going to make two more Halloweenie Beanies for my mom and her co-teacher. She teaches a 2-3 year old pre-school class. I bet the kids would get a kick out of them. Also, in Boston it might not be completely out of line to wear a hat this time of year. And more importantly, I think Mom is a little jealous that Kel got a Halloweenie Beanie and she didn't! (Also, I just like to type/say Halloweenie Beanie!)

I bought a couple of Halloween balloons when I went to the grocery store today. Yes, I am secretly 5. My very Halloweenie black cat is currently playing with the ribbon and clip on one of them. He's a big believer in inventing his own toys. Half the cat toys I buy him get no play time at all. But he steals every pen he can get his little paws on.

Now he's discovered the clip to the other balloon, which is wrapped around one of the dining room chairs. (The ribbon on that one is much shorter than the ribbon on the first balloon. The clip for that one is on the floor, and the first balloon is still higher than the second one.) Anyway, now that he's discovered there is a second clip, he's trying to figure out how to get that one down on the floor to play with, too. Goofer.

Gotta go. The dishwasher just finished running, which means it's time to pull out the newly-washed pots and pan and make dinner. Spaghetti with ground turkey. Yum.

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