Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Well, my blood work came back normal, so Yay! I'm back on the Imuran. Hopefully, in a couple of days everything will be back to normal. Or as normal as my guts ever get.

I watched the last episode of Pushing Daisies this weekend, and yes indeed, there is knitting. One small gripe- the voice over said he was purling, but the actor was actually knitting. I went back and watched it a couple of times to be sure. But other than that, good stuff. I don't have a gun, but if I did I would so totally knit a gun cozy for it. I just love Jim Dale, don't you? He was the perfect casting for the voice over. He also reads the US version of the Harry Potter audio books. He's fantastic. Listen to them if you get a chance.

I started Crazy Aunt Purl's Halloweenie Beanie tonight. I'm making it for a friend who will be coming by on Friday, so I need to finish it tomorrow. But no pressure, right? Also, I've picked out my next big project, once I've finished the eighteen Christmas scarves and hats I've got planned. (OK, so it's not really eighteen. It just feels like it.) It's called the Trailblazer Jacket, and it's in the September issue of Creative Knitting. It's made out of Baby Alpaca by Plymouth, which I lurve because it's soooo soft. Of course, I could buy three sweaters for the price of all the yarn, but that's not the point.

I'm getting close to finishing one of my New Year's Resolutions for 2007. The way this year has gone, I can't believe I'm going to accomplish any of them. Having the end in sight has got me thinking about resolutions for 2008. I'll post more about that as the time comes.

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