Sunday, October 28, 2007

Well, Mom got the Halloweenie Beanie! Just in time for Halloween, too. Where my parents live, each town picks a trick-or-treat night, usually a Friday or Saturday night, instead of doing it on the actual night. That way the kids aren't out on a school night. It probably also cuts down on mischief. Anyway, Mom was very excited about her hat.

Speaking of hats, I'm going to have to knit one for myself soon. The hair situation is getting a little scary. I went for a massage yesterday morning, and my therapist looked at me and asked if I'd cut my hair. Nope. It's just falling out. When I put in up in a scrunchie, the pony tail is about half it's normal thickness. I still don't see any obvious bald spots, but I can't exactly see the back of my head. When it's up in a pony tail, I can see the scalp more easily than I used to. I'm considering cutting it all off. Not that there's that much there anyway, lengthwise. It's only about to my shoulders. But maybe if it isn't so heavy it won't fall out as fast. At least it won't be as obvious with shorter strands of hair.

I'm getting closer to being ready for NaNo. I went out yesterday and bought a case for my lap top, so I'm ready to haul it around to write-ins. Not that I'll go to many, probably. But at least it will be protected when I do.

A friend just called. She's going to be by in a minute to pick me up for lunch and then the Kick-Off party. Must not forget the giant pencil. I'm not in charge of the westside this year. How can I manage a whole area of the city when I can barely manage myself? So I'm handing it off to the new girl who stepped up to the plate. I hope she's prepared. We're an active bunch.

I finished my blue slipper socks and started on my first pair of socks using real sock yarn. It's kind of small and fiddly, but I like it anyway. The colorway doesn't seem to have a name, just a number. I call them my lemonade socks, because that's what the color reminds me of. It's yellow and orange and pink. Not stripes exactly. It kind of wobbles and fades through the colors. It's also really twisty yarn, so I find myself dangling the whole thing from time to time, to let the yarn unwind a bit. I don't know if you're supposed to do that in knitting, but you do it in cross stitch when the floss gets twisted, so I'm doing it here, too. It makes the yarn much easier to work with.

I read An Ice Cold Grave last night. Yay! Harper and Tolliver Did It! It will be interesting to see how things change in the next couple of books. Already the dynamic between the two characters has changed.

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