Thursday, March 13, 2008

I joined NaBloPoMo this morning. (National Blog Posting Month- a rip off of National Novel Writing Month) The idea is to post every day for a month. It won't stick, but whatever. Maybe I'll remember to post a little more often.

I started another blanket- this one for the lady who was my mother's roommate in the hospital. They both had their knee replacements on the same day, and Jackie isn't doing too good. If I really work on it I might finish by the end of next weekend. I'm not in love with the yarn. In fact, when I first started I almost frogged it and returned the unused skeins, it was that bad. But now that I'm most of a skein in, and can look at it from a bit of distance, instead of stitch by stitch, it's not too terrible. I'm probably a lot more critical of my own work that anyone else would be, anyway.

The NaBloPoMo topic of the month is lists. So, a list of things I can see out my office window:

1. another office building
2. a cemetery
3. a post office
4. a veterinary clinic
5. a restaurant that keeps closing and reopening under new management (Two years ago when I first started working here it was an Italian restaurant, and it had a Statue of Liberty on the roof and half a taxi cab coming out one of the walls. Then for a while it was a Mexican restaurant and it had a mural of a guy wearing a sombrero with his mouth wide open eating a burger. Seriously wide- you could see his tonsils. Also, burger? I never got that either. The most recent owners took off or painted over all the weird crap, but they didn't last any longer than any of the others.)

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