Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I love my mom!

My mom is my best friend. This past year has been rough, medically and emotionally, and Mom's support is the reason I've gotten through. We talk pretty much every day, often twice a day. Yesterday I called her at lunch and then she called me back before bed. She had knee surgery about 6 weeks ago, and since then she's had some trouble sleeping. So when she called me last night, she'd already taken a Tylenol PM. I have never heard my mother so giggly! Before she called me she was watching a PBS production of Madame Butterfly, and you know how male opera singers are usually short and stocky? Well this one was really tall! And not stocky! And they had an interview with him during one of the breaks! And he was really tall! And looked nothing like the typical opera singer! Giggle, giggle! My mom cracks me up. Even when she's not looped on sleeping pills she's entertaining, but last night was funny.

I started on the Mary Jane Socks from the current Creative Knitting. They're coming together quickly, and look like they'll be cute when they're finished. Was anyone else pleasantly surprised by the number of patterns in this issue using Caron Simply Soft? Gotta love the affordable projects.


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  3. Your post reminded me that I hadn't talked to my mom in a while. Just got off the phone with her, we had a great chat. Glad you and your mom are such good friends!


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