Thursday, February 03, 2011

Attitude Adjustment

I took a three hour nap this afternoon.  It's made a world of difference in my mood.  There's been a few minor annoyances today, but my nap armed me to deal with them like a rational(ish) human being and not fly off the handle or rant on the internet.

Tonight we watched Harry's Law as a family.  The usual thing is that I retreat to my room after dinner and do my own damn thing.  (Mom and Dad have an unhealthy appreciation for Hallmark movies, and movies she finds at the Christian store.  It's February and they're still watching Christmas movies.  I don't mind an occasional cheesy/sappy movie, but there's a limit.)  But we all enjoy Harry's Law, so we usually watch that one together.

It surprises me greatly that Mom and Dad like it.  The language alone would normally be enough to send my mother flying.  And you can't deny that Harry comes at things with a liberal world view.  Dad listens to Rush Limbaugh.  Also, the show's by David E. Kelley.  There haven't been any dancing babies yet, but there is a certain wackiness that you might expect from this guy.  (Harry, who is a woman, has set up a law office in the ghettos of Cincinnati? Columbus?  I don't remember.  Somewhere in Ohio.  The storefront she took over used to be a shoe store, and the former occupant left quite possibly thousands of dollars worth of designer shoes.  Did I mention this was in the ghetto?  Anyway, her assistant answers the phone, "Harry's Law and Fine Shoes," which should tell you all you need to know about the show.  Oh, and Kathy Bates plays Harry.) If I were to make a bet on the one show Mom and Dad would not like, this is the one I'd pick.  But I guess to them it's less objectionable than the cut 'em up, shoot 'em up shows I like to watch, like SVU and CSI.  There's very little on screen violence in Harry's Law, and so far she's managed to help somebody who really needed it by the end of the episode, so I guess that fits with their tastes.  I just like that Harry is a broad who's willing to call it like she sees it without having a hang 'em high kind of attitude.

I think I'm actually starting to get tired, so I'll cut it off there.  Today was a better day for me, and hopefully tomorrow will be, too.


  1. Glad the nap worked. FYI My nap post after the whinefest last week? Totes insincere because I had been whammoed with a shaming email...hope your nap actually worked! Also, I've never seen this show but I adore Kathy Bates a lot (I have never seen Misery, too icky, so don't imagine that I adore her b/c I want to go psycho on a fave author...I liked her in comedies)

  2. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Not one we are familiar with either, but I really like Kathy Bates too. Did I see "Misery" or did I just read the book? Now I don't remember.
    But yay for a restorative nap!


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