Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Why Can't They All Be Ebooks?

Small pet peeve time, folks.  As I'm sure I've mentioned 8,000 times around here, I love my ebooks.  Now that I've moved into a tiny room with no bookshelves and no storage, they are vital to my existence.  That's not hyperbole, y'all.  If it weren't for ebooks there'd be no books at all.  And I can't live like that.

So why, oh why, must so there be so many books I want to read that don't have a digital edition?  In the last week I've been all over Josh Lanyon (in the metaphorical sense), and now I want to try some f/f fiction.  (Apparently it's Gay Week here in The Little Bedroom in Indiana.)  I've done some research.  I found a title that comes highly recommended.  It looks like it has a lot of humor.  Score!  Except that it doesn't have a digital version.  No score!  No score!

The problem isn't so much that I want to buy, download, and begin reading an ebook while never leaving my bed (the only sitting surface in my bedroom), because I could buy it off Amazon and have it delivered right to the house without having to risk contamination by any of that icky ice and snow that's going around right now.  The problem is, once I have it, what do I do with it?  It's gone beyond a little scary and right into "call the EPA" at the moment.  I desperately need to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!  Or more realistically, CLEAN SOME OF THE THINGS!  If one more thing comes into this room, it may just pop like a zit.  (Now there's an image for you.)

So all that means, no lovely, funny f/f story to read.  It makes me very sad.  The moral of this story?  (My mother would say it's "clean your room," but that is never the moral of any of my stories.)  Publishers, put out digital versions, please.  Because those of us with small living spaces and snow allergies want to read your books, too.


  1. YES to digital versions.
    Btw, Fingersmith by Sarah Waters is excellent, v. romantic f/f and on ebook format. It's a little dark but I've already read it twice!

  2. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Oh and I get all pissy going the other way! I know just how you feel. There were things suggested on the Betty Forum for our next book club, and my library didn't have them! Rat bastards. I can't just go BUY all the damn books I want! We also need things like food, and heat, and that pesky auto insurance!
    The better question is: why the hell aren't WE in charge of the world?!
    P.S. I would never suggest that the answer is "clean your room." Never. That's just ridiculous.

  3. Julie, I always knew you were my kind of people.


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